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Looking to add a little variety to adult game night?

Drawing Without Dignity is an uncensored party game that pits you and your friends against each other in a race to draw and guess undignified material, such as:

  • nudist

  • pray to the porcelain god

  • blue balls

  • poop chute

  • titty twister

...and so many more that are way too inappropriate to put on the front page of our website!

Roll the die, pick a card, and draw the clue. Join in the Orgy, beware the Cockblock, and leave your dignity behind.

That's it!  The team with the most points is the winner.  You can play our game all night or just an hour; it’s up to you and your undignified friends.

How to Play

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Drawing Without Dignity

Playing Drawing Without Dignity is very simple:

Click HERE for printable/foldable PDF

  • Form teams.

  • Select an artist from your team to draw first.

  • Roll the die to determine the category.

  • Draw a card from the pile, start the timer, and draw the clue listed on the card. 

Your teammates have one minute to guess what you are trying to draw.  If they guess correctly, your team keeps the card as a point and goes again with a new artist.  If your team doesn’t correctly guess the clue in time, the other teams have a chance to immediately shout out a guess and steal the point!

Of course, there are more undignified rules to our game:

  • Use a Cockblock card to try and block another team from scoring during its turn.  Your team can now get in on the action and steal the point if you guess the clue first.

  • Rolling a 6 starts an Orgy, where everyone gets in on the action!  The die is rolled again to determine the clue ALL teams draw.  Each team chooses an artist.  The first team to guess the answer in time wins the point.


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